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About Project

In our new store in Dajing Lane, Hangzhou, we present a new project, Gallery 1x1. The space is only 1 square meter large, where one painting, one book, one photograph, one flower bouquet, or one installation can be the subject of exhibitions. The small volume allows artists to do more experiments within shorter periods. It is also more reachable and friendly to people in the community.



Launch Exhibition

It is an art project collaborating with paperpool & hu. They traced cut-down trees for constructional reasons in the wild, recorded their location and made rubbing.




Vol.01 Phantom

Ceramics Exhibition By Xin Yaoyao


Vol.02 Lacquerware to Life

Lacquerware Exhibition By Chenfang


Vol. 03 Love Letter

Felt Exhibition By Wang Xiaoshui

Lacquerware once was luxurious however replaced by much affordable materials in contemporary life.  This moedern gap Created a new cinsideration for many artist, to bring lacquerware back to life. The work of Chenfang is simple in both mateiral and manufacture.  Pattern and tecniques are unnecessary, it is rough material that make life be feeled.

Geometry is a series of work since 2014. Abstract form and delicate color made it distinctive and recognizable. We presented few vases in this exhibition. Geometrical lines shape sculptural existence, while creating overlaped shadow.

"Everything exists with a reason" is the eternal theme through the work of Wang Xiaoshui. Those felt creatures are alive in her creation. Flower becomes the key to interpret this exhibition. It`s a love letter to LIving being, and a message to her painful childhood.


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