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When Random grows, we get the chance to know many young designers and artists. We admire their works and would like to build a platform where their talent can be recognized by more audience. In Random, there is always a corner, or the whole space for them to display what they are good at or pound of, either it is a quiet exhibition or a fun party for art.




ta-ta Launch & Exhibition


The New From The Old

Winter Textile Exhibition



Magazine Collection Exhibition


Figure of Speech

Ceramics Exhibition With Atelier Murmur


Touch moiminjia

Ceramics Exhibition With moiminjia


Pass Through

Dreamer FTY`s 10th Anniversary Publication Exhibition

100 Day Dreams

Illustration Exhibition With Xinxin


Random Sharing

People from all walks of life are invited to share something interesting. It could be a book, a trip or professional experiences.

About Vessel

Touch moiminjia: Minjia’s sharing of her ceramic works

A Figure of Speech: Atelier Murmur’s sharing of their ceramic works

About Travelling

Hi Resort: Bu Yiran’s story of residing abroad

Design Tour in Japan: The launch of d design travel Chinese version

The Meaning of Travelling: The launch of LOST new edition

About Publication

The 7th year of Magazine salt:The launch of salt new edition

The Wave of Self-publishing: The launch of Be Water Journal new edition & Magmania magazine exhibition


Random Talk

The Random Talks column is set up to interview brand founders, designers and interesting people around us, to explore their daily stories and to give the public an opportunity to understand the effort behind each work of theirs.

klee klee    Chinese Fashion Brand

Songbing    the chief editor of salt magazine

Bu Yiran    the founder of Hi Resort

Ke Xiaolin / Zhang Fan    the founders of Touch Design

Zhang Xinyu    the founder of Plant School

Zhang Yinzhe    the winner of China Barista Championship

Lin Yunkai / Xia Xiaonuan    the founders of Portrait Library

Yuanfang    the founder of Yao Space

Vivian / Tiffany    the founders of Common Rare

Qu Jing    pottery artist

Ray    the founder of Black Blaze

Taoer    the founder of Zzart

Wang Minjia    the founder of moiminjia

Lu Dan    the founder of Grooow Juice

Li Zixin    the founder of China 30s

Nelson Ng    the chief editor of LOST magazine


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