Random Play






Collision of Nature, History and Design

Our space is located at the foot of the Phoenix Mountain, close to the West Lake in  Hangzhou. It is an area where historical heritage and old community meet contemporary design.

Random Play is a pure and open space to highlight shape, color and texture of the product we carry. We designed our showroom with that in mind as well.



We have designed our space to be variable and highly open to change. The iconic white structural steel grids serve as a modular framework for our showroom, allowing us to reconfigure our merchandising at will and adapt to different products and exhibitions with ease.


Immersive Experience

We change themes of display regularly and our design allows all the details to be adjusted to suit.Our goal is that every time a client visits random play, there is something new to discover.


We combine food and design to offer an immersive experience. Our showroom is like a living room, where design products are not just decoration. They are part of life and customers can touch and use them while dining.


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