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Cafe & Design Store

The interior of our first cafe & design Store was born through contemplation on our name and the underlying philosophy behind it.  


While people often think of randomness as disorder, there is always a relationship between order and disorder. In our space, you may perceive order at a specific viewpoint, and randomness at the next. It is our aim to highlight this delicate balance between these two polarities—making life at once both organized yet full of serendipity.


1F - Ceremorning

Located at the foot of the Phoenix Mountain, our cafe brand, Ceremorning, provides high-quality specialty coffee, featured desserts and fresh brunch, as well as develops healthy snacks.


2F - Random Play

Our design brand, Random Play, has launched classic designs such as Muuto, Menu, and Petite Friture, and nearly 100 independent brands like 2016/, POIAT, Macon & Lesquoy, and Fundamental Berlin. These designs cover most parts of our life, furniture, handmade works, stationeries, fashion accessories, etc. Moreover, we have newly launched Random artist collections, and start to develop our own product lines. 


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